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This season got off to a slow start with warm temperatures and the deer bedding down all day. There wasn't too much action until the latter part of the bow season. We started seeing some heavy activity and nice antlers. This year we had a new member John join the hunting team. He along with our returning vet Tom got skunked. While there were some activity, there was no shots. Vj managed to down the same deer injured earlier in the season we'll call "slice deer". He was a small 4 pointer. Dave managed to drop a doe one day then by some stroke of spirit grandfather luck, he nailed a 6er while stalking Coyote rd. Rifle season was a whole different story. This was the first year the mighty rifle was legal (thank you Pataki!). Big deer were moving all over the place. Vj manage to nail a nice 8 pointer opening morning out of a new stand down off the edge of Coyote field. John unfortunately had no such luck. Dave...skunked too. The next morning Vj had a strike of spirit grandfather luck himself when a 6er crossed his path while stalking Coyote rd. with grandpa's old .32 cal. Not too shabby! Dangerous Dave on the other hand, had a moment of weakness (second year in a row) and dropped a spike. What a geek!

Fishing season 2006 will kick off Saturday April,1. we will head up to open the place up and hopefully wrestle some lunkers out of the creek. To date the props record is a 24 inch 4 pound brown trout caught at the pool.


Property record. 24 in. wild brown trout. 4.5lbs.