These are the tools that make it all happen. Through the years I probably have owned at least 100 different guitars. They range from Jackson, Gibsons, Fender, Kramer, Steinberger, and Charvelle just to name a few. As I get older I find myself "refining" my collection as well as having my style change. Now my collection is the smallest it's ever been. You know what they say... it's quality not quantity! I have my eyes on a few more I'd like to add to the family before I'm done. I've always had a thing for E.S.P. as well as the new Angus Young SG . Damm...I need to be rich!
 Ah Angus Young addiction guitar. This axe always had a special place in my heart. I've probably had it the longest out of any guitar I've owned. I also sold it when I was young and had the opportunity to buy it back many years later. This axe although it's sweet, I've never had good luck with this one on the road. In the studio it's a gem but as soon as it hits the stage, she dives out of tune like no tomorrow. Perhaps it's a curse or she doesn't like the live show setting. Now, this one sits in the case most of the times and only gets pulled out for studio work or to make rock star poses in the mirror! Overall, great axe just not reliable. One day I do hope to have the new Angus Young model SG to keep this one company.
Cream of the crop! This axe is the newest addition to the fam. All I can say is "Holly Shit!" This whale blue P.R.S , plays so damn good that at times I still don't believe it. The feel is amazing. Possibly the easiest guitar I have ever played period. The sound is also phenomenal. From dark rhythm to screaming leads, this axe does it all. I almost feel bad because now that I have this one, all others seem to fall a bit short. This is the best investment that I made by far. Holds it's tune very well too. I can't say enough positive things about it!
Old blue! This one has been everywhere with me. Before the P.R.S. came into the picture this was my baby. A bit thin at times and maybe not the fattest sounding thing but still my security blanket. The stock pick ups were replaced with a stacked Seymour Duncan in the bridge position to give me that extra scream I so love. Been through many bands, shows and tours together with this one. For a strat, and I've had many, this one played the best out of any I owned. The neck fit my hand like a glove and it seemed that my fingers were able to walk all over the place with ease.. Still love her and always will but most of the writing now a days is on the P.R.S.
Kramer NightSwan KRAMER
Then there's the Kramer. Hey...what can I say..I know it's cheesy. This is one I bought in the 80's during the hair band thing. When I was a kid I was down with Kramers I guess because of Eddie Van Halen. I also had a thing for the Floyd Rose tremolo system. I do have to say however, this thing screams like you would not believe. The Seymour Duncans in this baby are HOT as pick ups can be. Super thin neck can get hard at times if you have a fatter finger style. All in all, this is a top quality axe as far as Kramers go. This one sits in the case most of the time. I do pull it out for a solo here and there when in the studio. I recorded all the solos on A.W.O.L. with this one. You can hear the whammy dives on some of them. Cool axe just out dated.
Gibson SG Gibso Song Writer
Sweet and smooth. This acoustic is one of the finest I've played. I feel honored every time I open the case and strum that first chord. The name of the guitar is very fitting. I feel like when ever I play it, I write a song. It makes me want to write songs. This one will travel with me to my death. Never will I get rid of it nor will I ever get another acoustic. This model is also equipped with an internal pick up in the bridge. Have to say it sounds awesome when miked and is just as good when it's running direct into the board. Like the Paul Reed Smith, I couldn't be happier.
FENDER Fender Bass
Well not a whole lot of deep stuff behind this one. It's not American. It was made in Mexico. I like the Fender line that is made in Mexico. Always had good luck with them. This was simply what I needed to write and record bass lines with on all the Flak Jacket sessions. I'm happy with it. I'm sure there's better out there and I'm sure there's worse too. Overall, the sound is good. Although, I must say that I've never plugged this thing into an amp. It only comes out when recording and goes right into the board.