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Flak Jacket

Flak Jacket, currently on R&R have launched a major offensive on the metal head invasion clear across Long Island. Although heavily out numbered, the tight unit consisting of C4(guitar, bass, vocals), demolitions and counter sniper operations, Marky Militia(vocals, gyrations), heavy weapons and recon, and TANK(drums, vocals), armored assault vehicle operator, accomplished their mission with amazing results. Upon hitting the scene, Flak jacket's self titled debut CD sold out two press runs. The band couldn't make them fast enough. The shows were packed and electric. Soon after, the band released a live EP recorded in the bands studio "the Bunker"during an "outbreak" one new years eve. This captured the band high voltage performance. The following year, the band completed their third release A.W.O.L.. This one was pieced together over a year and a half during periods of absence from the Bunker. Hence the name. This full length CD never saw an official release date yet many copies found their way out past the wire.

Currently, C4 has been writing new material in hopes for Militia to lay down some magic. Tank has been stationed in Florida and has been assigned a new mission called Team Mascot. Keep an open ear for new stuff on either fronts. Til then ...roger that, over .

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