03.18 - Toikyo, JP
03.19 - Toikyo, JP
03.20 - Osaka, JP
03.22 - Dunedin, NZL
03.23 - Christ Church, NZ
03.24 - Wellington, NZ
03.25 - Auckland, NZ
03.28 - Brisbane, AUT
03.29 - Gold Coast, AU
03.30 - Newcastle, AU
04.01 - Hobart, TZ
04.02 - Melbourne, AU
04.03 - Adelaide, AU
04.06 - Aberdeen, HK
04.08 - Honolulu, HI
04.20 - Exter, UK
04.21 - Leeds, UK
04.22 - Cardiff, UK
04.23 - London, UK
04.24 - Manchester, UK
04.25 - Dordrecht, NL
04.26 - Peer, BE
04.27 - Bochum, DE
04.28 - Munich, DE
04.29 - Schweirnfurt, DE
04.30 - Trier, DE


March 14, 2006

The Bouncing Souls will be having a week-long party at the Knitting Factory in NYC to celebrate the release of the beast (6/6/6) a.k.a. "The Gold Record". Tickets for the 6 shows (June 1-6) will go on sale next saturday March 25, and the supporting acts will be announced soon. Get more information and tickets at http://www.rocksoff.com/. Get 'em while they're hot!!

February 21, 2006

WonkaVision Magazine is doing a story on The Bouncing Souls and tattoos. They are looking for people with Souls tattoos to submit high resolution (300 dpi) photos of their Souls related tattoos to them for use in their spread and have agreed that they will give a one year free subscription to WonkaVision to anyone who gets their photo published in the article. Sounds like a good deal to us. So if you're like to be a part of this then send your high res tattoo photo along with your name and mailing address to info@wonkavisionmagazine.com and if you're lucky you'll get your picture in there and a bunch of free Wonka Vision magazines for a year. Sweet.

February 19, 2006

OK, tracking for the record is done and it's sick, man. Someone get these songs to a hospital cuz they're SICK! As the great genius Ted Hutt proceeds to throw up a few mixes for us to hear and work from, we resume almost regular lives for the next couple weeks till tour starts. In my case, that means I'm back in NYC in my kickass apartment, working every day to design a visual package to equal the greatness of how this record sounds. Stay tuned, on 6-6-06 we shall all find redemption and a kind of peaceful happiness in the warm, life-giving glow of "The Gold Record".

January 28, 2006

Greetings from Los Angelels, CA, where we'll be living for another couple weeks till we finish tracking the new record, things are going great here in the studio so far. Drums are done and I'm laying down basslines today, ironically the element of the record I've worked on/thought about the least so far, in fact I'm kinda making it up as I go along in the studio. Been mostly focusing on lyrics, vocal and guitar melodies, everything. We're all pushing ourselves a little harder this time, cross-examining our songs and holding them to a higher standard, lots of songs writtten and re-written, some not making the record at all. It'll be this way right up till the end of tracking I think. Still writing lots of new lyrics in that small crack of time between recording and sleeping.

This record was essentially concieved and written in Kate's basement in Asbury Park NJ, and somehow the spirit of that old town has possessed it's content, both lyrically and musically. I can't wait for the world to hear this one, it's special for sure, but we'll let it speak for itself. It's set to be released on 6-6-06. That's right, the number of the beast and believe it or not we actually didn't plan it that way. But since it is the release date we're having fun making references like "number of the release" and stuff. No we're not Satanists nor are we bible-thumpers, but we do love Maiden, making "666" cool to us in a metal kind of way, and it just one more thing to have fun with in life. So that's the update on the studio, keep an ear out for the new record, and then we'll doing the whole Warped Tour so we'll see you all this summer. If the Warpd Tour's not your cup of tea, we'll also be back later headlining clubs all over the US and everywhere else in the world so we hope to see you out there somewhere. Take care till then


January 4 , 2006


Locked away like some mad scientists in Kate's basement (Little Eden Studios) writing the new record and holy shit, IT SMOKES! Next week we'll go out west for the finishing touches and then into the studio to record the beast. Look for it to hit the streets on Epitaph Records, 6/6/06 (number of the release!) Then this spring it'll be an Asain invasion as we embark on our "Pacific Rim Tour"- New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Hawaii. Yes, I said CHINA! Hopefully then we'll be seeing everyone else this summer.

Stay tuned for more details...

You can't change the past, but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future.


Novemeber 30, 2005

Hi everybody! Well, the live record is out and people seem to be digging it. November's "Live" record release shows were a blast, thanks to all the great bands and kids who came out to celebrate with us. December will be a busy month for us as we continue to create what will be this summer's raddest release...a NEW SOULS ALBUM, due out in June. There are also a few shows this month, (Denver, San Diego, NJ...) so check out tourdates. Also, if you're home and get FUSE TV (NOT MTV!), check us out on Steven's Untitled Rock Show on Dec 7th talking some nonsense with Steve over there. Aaaaaw yeah! Ready, steady, GO!


October 28, 2005

Disc 1:
01. Here We Go
02. Sing Along Forever
03. Say Anything
04. That Song
05. Cracked
06. Kids And Heroes
07. Kids
08. The Something Special
09. Punx In Vegas
10. Joe Lies
11. Argyle
12. Private Radio
13. I Like Your Mom
14. Born Free
15. East Coast! Fuck You!
Disc 2:
01. The Ballad of Johnny X
02. Anchors Aweigh
03. Kate Is Great
04. Hopeless Romantic
05. Gone
06. True Believers
07. Apartment 5F
08. Lamar Vannoy
09. Born To Lose
10. Fight To Live
11. Manthem
12. Ole
13. The Freaks, The Nerds, And The Romantics
14. Night On Earth


"We started as a live band playing basements, bars, parties, and clubs to anyone who cared. Over the years we’ve made records, toured the world over, met so many people and created countless memories together. Through it all, the live show has remained the essence of The Bouncing Souls. We tried to capture that essence with this collection. It is dedicated to everyone who has been there along the way to share it with us."

This is a double disk live set of their greatest hits, entitled simply “Bouncing Souls Live”. After pounding the East Coast and the world beyond the now veteran live band have set out to follow up their hugely successful "Tie One On" EP with a definitive collection of songs for fans old and new, a career spanning retrospective as they begin to write a follow up to 2003’s "Anchors Aweigh" [Epitaph].

The record is a glimpse of the spark that makes The Bouncing Souls such a cultural enigma; their simple straight-ahead love of the live set and steadfast dedication to their rabid devotees could not be more aptly captured.
So turn up you stereo and raise your glass to 15 more years…ladies and gentleman, the Bouncing Souls.

The album is due out November 22nd. Visit Chunksaah Records to find out how to pre-order a copy and and listen to live renditions of " Apartment 5F ", " The Ballad of Johnny X ", and " Punx In Vegas".
Septemeber 21, 2005

The Bouncing Souls "Live at the Glasshouse" hits the streets on September 27th as the Nineteenth volume of the incredibly successful Kung Fu Films' "The Show Must Go Off" DVD series.

01. Apartment 5F
02. The Ballad of Johnny X
03. That Song
04. Cracked
05. Kids and Heroes
06. Kid
07. That Something Special
08. Punks in Vegas
09. Argyle
10. I Like Your Mom
11. Private Radio
12. Born Free
13. No Rules
14. East Coast Fuck You
15. Highway Kings
16. Quick Check Girl
17. Anchors Aweigh
18. Say Anything
19. K8 is Great
20. Hopeless Romantic
21. Night on Earth
22. Sing Along Forever
23. Gone
24. True Believers
25. Manthem

Be one of the first 60 people to pre-order the Bouncing Souls "Live At The Glasshouse" DVD and receive a copy signed by all of the band members.
Offer good while supplies last.

Pre-order a copy from Kung Fu Records by clicking HERE.


August 23, 2005

We're playing 2 headline shows in Philly and NYC in November to celebrate the release of our "LIVE" record which comes out on November 22nd on our very own Chunksaah Records. We're offering a new service that allows our fans to buy tickets before they go on sale to the public and with a reduced ticketing service charge compared to usual ticket outlets. See below for info!

The link to buy tickets for the presale is:


Nov 23 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Presale Begins: Friday, August 26th @ 10 AM EST
Public On Sale: Wednesday, September 7th @ 12 PM EST

Nov 25 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
Presale Begins: Thursday, August 25th @ 10 AM EST
Public On Sale: Saturday, September 3rd @ 12 PM EST

There are only a limited number of these tickets for the presale, so
when the presale sells out, check with the venue or promoter for further info on the public on sale and how to get tickets.

Check out http://www.chunksaah.com/ for more info about the LIVE record.

August 22, 2005
THE BOUNCING SOULS WILL BE PLAYING AUGUST 30th AT CBGB as a last ditch effort to save cbgbs!


August 18, 2005
HELLFEST CANCELLED!!! BOUNCING SOULS, LIFETIME, and LOVED ONES rescheduledl show for AUGUST 21st is at the legendary STONE PONY in beautiful ASBURY PARK, NJ! Doors open at 6 p.m. and all ages are admitted.

A limited amount of tickets are available and they will go on sale tonight (Thursday, August 18th) at all Ticketmaster locations and The Stone Pony Box Office. Tickets are $20 and 100% of all show proceeds will be donated to the following charities:

New Labor -- New Labor seeks to provide a voice for low-wage, young, immigrant workers in New Brunswick, NJ www.newlabor.net

The Nature Conservancy -- The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. www.nature.org

The OUT Fund -- The OUT Fund supports radical organizing projects within lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) communities. The OUT Fund prioritizes groups which use organizing in their pursuit of a broader vision of progressive social change, one that includes race, class, gender, sexuality and politics. OUT takes a unique multi-issue approach, which allows them to support organizations that address the intersection of multiple rights violations in a time when homophobia is used as a wedge to undermine the struggle for a range of social justice issues. www.fex.org

Linda Ann's Greyhound Rescue Inc. -- Linda Ann's Greyhound Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit rescue group devoted to the welfare of retired racing greyhounds. Our home base is in Allentown, Pennsylvania, which is about two hours north of Philadelphia. We serve the needs for greyhounds in and around the Lehigh Valley area and will also go outside the area if the need arises. www.lindasgreys.com

July 13, 2005
Hey everybody! We finally have some new tour dates to announce! We've also been working on putting the last touches on our live record which should be out in November. Hell's yeah! It's coming out really good! On September 20th our live DVD from the Kung Fu Records series "The Show Must Go Off" will be out as well, so if you can't make it to the show, you can watch it in your own living room! You should really come to the shows too. Don't be a fool! Here's the dates...More East Coast dates on the way!

August 20th-Trenton NJ-Hellfest w/Strike Anywhere, Boy Sets Fire, Public Enemy, and many,many more

Sept 22-NYC-Half Moon Cruise-Benefit for The National Hopeline /
1-800-SUICIDE. Free Copy of "The Show Must Go Off" with every ticket!

Sept 24th-Washington,DC-Operation Ceasefire -On the Lawn of the National Mall - Free show.

Sept 28-Salt Lake City,UT-The Venue

Sept 29-San Francisco,CA-Slims

September 30-Anaheim CA-House of Blues

Oct 2-Los Angeles CA-El Rey Theater

July 7, 2005
Well, 4th of July at Kate's house was great, hope you all had a nice vacayshe too. Things are moving along on the live record. A few more sessions with Bob on fixing bits, and then narrowing it down, then mixing. Then it'll be August and we'll send it all in to be pressed. By the way we'll be playing some shows in August, check back for tourdates later. In the meantime IT'S SUMMER! ! Don't forget to have fun! As much and as often as you possibly can!

June 26, 2005
Hi everyone! Crap! June's almost over, what the hell happened?! I guess summer flies by even faster when we're not on the Warped Tour. Hey is that thing started yet? Think I'll ride out and visit it somewhere out there, I miss it already. Meanwhile in Brooklyn, we're making our way through all the live recordings we have and have almost narrowed it down to one record. Then we mix it, I'll do some art and layout stuff, and badda-bing badda-boom... Hey! Live record on Chunksaah! So that's what we've been up to this month. We're also squeezing in a little time to get started on writing some new tunes. Aaw Yeah! Enjoy the summer, make the most of every moment! Woo!
-Bryan a.k.a. Papillon a.k.a. BruthaBK a.k.a Cleanlen a.k.a. Extremelen

Also...updated mp3s available now at the MEDIA page!

June 1, 2005
Hi everybody, hope you’re all enjoying the change of seasons. Summer has finally arrived here on the east coast and we couldn’t be happier! No Warped Tour for us this summer, which means we'll be keeping ourselves busy creating NEW MUSIC together (and RIDING!).

The BOUNCING SOULS LIVE record (coming out on Chunksaah!) isn't a hoax, it really exists- well, will exist soon. We're just listening to all of Bob's recordings and trying to narrow it down to one record worth of stuff. It’ll be out this fall, we'll keep you posted. Also out in fall will be a sick live show in DVD form courtesy of Kung Fu Records, as part of their series: “The Show Must Go Off”.

In other news, our friends from Long (“Strong”) Island are coming along with their movie “The Freaks, Nerds and Romantics”, and have a website (http://www.fnrmovie.com/) up which you can visit and watch the trailer, it looks great!

May 6, 2005
Hey everyone, check out this little auction. Our friend Jackal had us scribble up this guitar for charity! Help support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and bid on a slightly vandalized guitar. Everyone's a winner! the auction ends on May 12th so hurry up!

In other news, we're spent the week out west in LA putting the final touches our new DVD "The Show Must Go Off" (coming out this fall on Kung Fu Records.) It's a pretty sick live show we played at the Glass House last February in Pomona, so stay tuned for that.

...And check out the Bouncing Souls on Thursday, May 19th at 10pm EST (7pm PST) and Friday, May 20th at 4pm EST (1pm PST) as a part of Fuse’s exclusive Bamboozle coverage airing on Steven’s Untitled Rock Show during the week of May 16th. Don’t miss any of the Bamboozle coverage – click http://www.fuse.tv/ to find Fuse on your cable system. And visit www.fuse.tv/bamboozle during the week for exclusives from the festival.

April 26, 2005
Hi everybody! Well, we've had a fun month so far, kickin around some local shows- (thanks everyone who came out to rock!) and we're looking forward to some more sick shit coming up. Just wanted to add a quick note for everyone who will be attending the Irving Plaza show: As it is a strange type show (Joey Ramone's birthday celebration and also a benefit)- We are playing somewhere towards the middle of the line-up and they are only giving us a 20-minute set. Just so you know in advance that it's not a typical Souls headlining gig there. Should be an interesting night nonetheless. Ok everybody, that's it for now, see you out there! Aaw yeah!

March 17, 2005
Well, we're home form another conquest abroad. While we enjoy a little time to lick our wounds, check out TOURDATES for upcoming rock and roll activity in your area. We'll be spending the rest of the time jamming and writing; Also setting up our little studio in Kate's basement and digging through some live tracks we want to release later on Chunksaah Records. Enough to keep us busy and out of real trouble. See you all out there!

March 9, 2005

HI everyone, the UK is sick! We're still out here with the Dropkicks and the God Awefuls kicking arse. The shows have all been sold out nights of mayhem and it'll all end way too soon. Check out all the dates coming up when we get back to the states! take care everyone.. You can't change the past, but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future.

February 7, 2005

Hey everyone. Greetings from Ireland! We played our first show with the Dropkick Murphys last night in Belfast. The show was great and we're looking foreward to a fun tour with our old friends! They'll be a few new tourdates going up on the site soon for April...so check em out! We'lll be going to Puerto Rico and we also have some shows on the East Coast. We're just sussing out the details. well, I think i'm gonna go have a pint of Guinness. Thanks everyone!

January 30, 2005

Hey everybody- the warped tour is asking fans to vote for the bands that will appear on the 10th anniversary warped tour dvd. the souls have made appearances on 5 of the warped tours and hav e always been a vital part of the diy spirit of the tour!!! don't let the new jacks and their big marketing budgets overshadow the old kings!! please send in your vote!!! (http://www.warpedtour.com/index2.html) send an email to: lushproductionfilms@yahoo.com

January 18, 2005

Happy new year everybody! We've taken a little break over the holidays and now we're back to let everyone know what's going over here in the ECFU! We're gonna be heading out to the west coast to to film our "The Show Must Go Off" DVD with Kung Fu records out at the Glass House in Pomona on Feb. 17th. Then we'll be heading out to Vegas to try our luck at the 7th annual "BYO Punk Rock Bowling Tournament". We'll also be playing a show for it at the H.O.B. on Feb 19th...for info go to http://www.byorecords.com/bowling/. For the crowds sake I hope we rock better than we bowl! After that we're heading on over to London to party with the Stones...you're all invited too! (Spiccoli quote) we'll be playing two weeks of shows in the UK with The Dropkick Murphys . We'll also be recording a BBC session that week so check that shit out. It's our first UK only tour and we're excited about going to some new places. Yo.. what's up with your food? Oh yeah...for all you Adolescents fans...we're recording a song for an Adolescents tribute record on kung fu records. For all kinds of Chunksaah Records news go to www.chunksaah.com. See you out there. Stay gold.----The Souls

November 23, 2004

Hi everyone, we're home! Thanks to Against Me!, Murphy's Law, Let it Burn, Lordz of Brooklyn and The Loved Ones, the tour was one big party. To everyone who came out and joined us, HERE'S TO THE MEMORIES!! Everyone have a great holiday season, don't stress, work on happiness.

Octoberber 19, 2004

Hi everybody, hope everybody's enjoying the Fall season as much as we are here on the east coast. Hey everyone, the Bryan and Pete DJ thing is off for the Monday, so don't come out! Stay home and watch the Daily Show! and don't for get to VOTE VOTE VOTE ! ! ! ! !

Been having fun playing some random shows around here since we've been home, otherwise everybody's catching up on their own lives. I bought a used Chevy van for myself which I intend on fixing up and then pimping up a bit. You know, carpet the walls, etc. Any vanners out there let me know!

September 15, 2004

YO YO YO We're home! ..Just in from a great tour in Europe. Nothing could be better than Autumn on the glorious East coast! We'll be home chillin for awhile now, after more than 14 months of touring on Anchors Aweigh. We're planning a little tour in November down to Florida with Against Me and some of our other friends, keep an eye out for more info on that soon in the TOURDATES section of this site. Lots of more LETTERS FROM IRAQ going up all the time and soon we'll be posting more pictures to look at from recent gigs

A friend, awesome rider and brilliant bike builder was lost lost to us recently, INDIAN LARRY. (April 28th, 1949 - August 30th, 2004) There will be a memorial this Sunday in front of his shop in Brooklyn. Go to: www.indianlarry.com for more details.

August 9, 2004

tommy rockum is back again, with some newz you can uze! the award-winning documentary about everyone's favorite punk band, "Do You Remember?: 15 Years of The Bouncing Souls", will be screening in Philadelphia this summer as part of the Lost Film Festival! what better way to spend a sunday afternoon than by heading over to the Rotunda on 40th and Walnut St. on August 22nd at 4:45pm and catching a FREE showing of this critically acclaimed film? the answer: there IS no better way!! for more details, check out http://www.bouncingsouls.com/www.lostfilmfest.com/lff9 or http://www.bouncingsouls.com/www.emoriotproductions.com and if you live too far from Philly to make the screening, don't fret! you can always order a copy of "Do You Remember?" on DVD from http://www.chunksaah.com/! the double-disc DVD set includes the documentary as well as HOURS of extras and live performances. (man, the guys who put that thing together must be the coolest guys in the whole world...!)

August 3, 2004
Souls on Rock Against Bush

Next week (August 10th) the Rock Against Bush II comp is pitting guitars, documentaries, comedy, and amplification up against tanks, bombs, and multinational corporations. It's gaining ground and charging up the once-dormant, apathy-riddled 18-24 year-old voters.

The Bouncing Souls have contibuted a live version of "Born Free" exclusive to this release. So if you're to lazy (or too young) to get out there and vote this year at least go out a pick up this record.

July 27, 2004
For the next week a stream will be available at InHonor.org of the Bouncing Souls' "True Believers" recorded live in Asbury Park, NJ. The track will appear on In Honor: A Compilation To Beat Cancer along with music by The Descendents, Despistado, Murder By Death, None More Black, Paint It Black and more. It will be out on September 21st via Vagrant Records.

July14, 2004
Hey everyone! Greetings from the goddamn WARPED TOUR 2004! Things have been great so far We've done ten shows, 38 to go! I totally love the camping thing you know. I would have to say the ultimate highlight of the tour so far would be the second L.A. show. (Fullerton, actually) We got to meet HR (illustrious original singer of legendary punk band the BAD BRAINS for you young'uns) Well, we got to talking, I told him we've covered their song "Pay to Cum" for years now. He said he wanted to do it with us (!) and the rest is history. In the middle of our set we got to rock a Bad Brains song with HR singing it! Needless to say, we were all on a huge punk high all the rest of that day. It was one of the coolest things I have ever been able to do through this band. It's hard as hell to get online for us Souls types on this tour, but I'll write another update next chance I get. Till then everybody take care and we'll see ya out there...

Papillon on tour...

June 25, 2004
Hey everyone! Had a nice little vacation, rode my bike up to the big rally in Laconia. Not exactly the mighty southwest or the badlands, but I only had about 5 days to ride this time, and New Hampshire is close. Lots of stuff going on here at Souls camp.. We are packing our bags to head out on the ENTIRE Warped Tour 2004, check out the tourdates, we'll be there.. Also, we are shooting a new video, for the song ANCHORS AWEIGH this weekend. We'll keep ya updated on how that's all going. And if ya feel like it, check out the "Letters from Iraq" page, see a different perspective on this war from some punk rockers on the front lines.

May 25, 2004
Well, as we enjoy a few days off, I am busying myself designing the new shirts and stuff for Warped Tour, hoping to get done with a little time to take a ride. Oh and HEY! the NEW COMIC by JOHNNY X is out! Check it out here: http://www.66thousandmilesperhour.com and here: www.chunksaah.com

May 13, 2004
Hey everyone, we're home from yet another excursion. Yet another legendary lineup with Avail the unseen and Let it Burn. Not to mention the final show in Philly, featuring The Loved Ones' first ever appearance, a Grey Area reunion, plus our boys Hot Water Music. We recorded the BB King's show and the two Trocadero shows, gathering the first bits to appear on an eventual LIVE RECORD we've got up our sleeve. And if you plive in PHILLY, check out the SATURDAY EVENING NEWS on FOX, they are doing a little story on us. (Only showing on Fox in Philly.) Stay tuned for new pictures to be put up from our recent adventures on the road..

March 31st, 2004
Hi honey, we're home! Jatlagged, kinda tan, a little hungover, but as Wig puts it, we have "that healthy Aussie glow" hey, sounds good. Australia was awesome, the most beautiful place we could ever rock maybe. The Avail tour is coming up, check out the tourdates and come see the rock happen! We have a lot of great pictures to put up from Europe and Australia so stay tuned and check out the PICTURES section. I'll write again when there's more to report. Check out the PICTURES section, we just added a new gallery of pics taken on the Anchors Aweigh US and Europe tours by Agent M of Tsunami Bomb! Till then take care and as the Bad Brains put it... ROCK FOR LIGHT! Papillon

March 22nd, 2004
Hello everyone! We've added a show in Australia this friday at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney. It's our only headlining show so come check it out! thanks to everyone in NZ and Australia that have made this tour so great so far. See ya....The Pete

March 16nd, 2004
Croikey! We're killin it "daown undah" in Oz, mites! Sweeet-as, Oy raykin! (Translation: The tour is going great here in lovely Australia. Many enthusiastic kids fill the clubs as we play and sing songs, often really well!)

March 2nd, 2004
Hey Everyone! If you missed the "True Bromance" Tour, well, don't worry there's more to come. In the meantime, check out this here link and check the reality of the bromance washing over humanity: http://www.buzzgenkc.com/_wsn/page3.html

February 29th, 2004
Hey everybody! Well we're back from the "True Bromance" Tour, and everybody's still alive and in one piece (well close enough) Had an insane time with all our friends and tore the shit out of everywhere we went. Thanks to everybody that made it to check it out. Truly another historic moment in Souls history.
Check the PICTURES section, it's always growing and evolving; we just added a gallery for our friend Jana's pictures. She's been in the family and capturing our antics on film for over ten years, so I expect her gallery will only grow and change and always be something interesting to see. Also there's finally a contact to send jpegs of your tattoos for the tattoo gallery, so send 'em in ya want, it's always cool to see 'em! In just over a week we fly again, this time to Australia! And New Zealand! It's be fun soaking up some sun "down under" (oi!) after this crazy east coast winter we've had. Stay tuned, there's a lot of good stuff coming up in our world. Look out for a sick tour in April with us and Avail. More details on that later..

January 27th, 2004

Hate Mtv but love to watch good music videos? Us too! For years we've refused to let Mtv air any Bouncing Souls videos. We felt we were doing our little part to SUBVERT this evil monopoly. So much power and influence abused by one corporation. The fratboy channel telling kids what's cool this week, and even what's "punk." Finally, someone has stepped up to give them a little competition, another video channel, "FUSE", who seem to hate Mtv almost as much as we do. And they play MUSIC VIDEOS! What a concept. What's more, they seem to be giving smaller REAL bands a chance. No Major label payola, just on their own merits. We don't know how long something this good an last, but while it does, WE'RE IN.

STARTING this MONDAY (Feb. 2nd)- FUSE's show "Oven Fresh" will air our video "Sing Along Forever" and we need people to 'vote' for it so it can maybe make regular rotation or whatever. CLICK HERE FOR FUSE'S SITE (We'll throw up a hotlink to vote from our site just as soon as we get it) Thanks friends! Yer pal, PAPILLON

YO! Check out the original art someone will win Sunday (Feb 1st) at Neatorama (see announcement below). We cranked it out together this weekend over a mug of some serious coffee Mike made. See ya there! Bryan (a.k.a. Papillon!)

January 22nd, 2004

Welcome to the party! One quick announcement- Kate, The Pete, Mr. Johnny X himself and I will be lookin to hang with anyone who wants to show up for his comic-release party and signing. It'll be this wednesday, Jan 28th @at St. Mark's Comics(St. Mark's Place),NYC, from 6-8 p.m. and again on Sunday Feb.1st in JERSEY, at Neatorama, 93 W. Main St., Somerville, NJ from 3 p.m. on. Someone will win some original jam-art done by me and Mr. X. Fuckin BADASS! Be there..

Well, we did Conan! Sure, we were nervous as hell and shakin like a bunch of schoolgirls but we pulled it off, didn't fuck anything up, just looked a little stiff. Take us out of our dirty sweaty punk-show environment and it's kinda funny to watch. So glad to have experienced it though. We had a big party at my house and everyone cheered and screamed like crazy watching it and had a blast. Chalk one up for the little guy! Gettiin ready for the TRUE BROMANCE tour with our "bro's" HOT WATER MUSIC! That will be insane, we'll see if we all survive. Check out the dates and come on out! This tour is already legendary and it hasn't even started.. Croikey, we're comin down to Oz soon too! Hey sorry if there's any complaints about the age thing down there, but we're jumpin onto Frenzal Rhomb's tour and we're just happy and lucky to be gettin down there at all. Get a fake I.D. or sneak in, that's what we always did! Stay tuned to this site, we're still building on it and it should keep improving with time. I'm trying to add an art section with all the kickass graphics and art posters/flyers I've collected. But this one will take time and we're pretty busy of course. Maybe we'll put up Tabs too, but I need to find someone skilled in properly writing them, then I need to sit with that person and write out all the basstabs. Then Pete, etc. Well, fuck this is long. Take care everybody! Rock for light, PAPILLON p.s. I kick ass You can't change the past, but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future.

January 6th, 2004

hello my friends, and happy new year to one and all. Once again, we're joining forces with our friends Hot Water Music on the True Bromance tour in february. it's gonna be some crazy shit, yo. also on the tour is Randy from Sweden (ya gotta love the swedes), our New Jersey brethren Let It Burn, and Hot Water's friends Longshot(I don't know them personally, but any friend of theirs has got to be amazing.) so it's gonna be a party that should not be missed. hopefully we'll all make it home alive. see ya there,
the pete December 20th, 2003

Yo we're back from Europe, everyone's taking nice long, hot showers and watching some American TV. A moment of recoil before we strike again. Europe was rad, made new friends sharing a bus with Tsunami Bomb, and had fun corrupting them a little. (one of our specialties!) Everyone have a great holiday season, and be on the lookout for a lot more touring coming up in the new year! We're heading to Japan, Australia, a lot more US tour dates, and anywhere else that'll have us! Anchors Aweigh my friends, Anchors Aweigh... PAPILLON

November 26th, 2003

hey everyone! i just read the guestbook and i saw alot of really angry people from manchester. i don't blame you, we're bummed too. we didn't even know the show was cancelled until right before we left for europe, and WE didn't cancel the show, the promoter did. neither us nor tsunami bomb knew anything about it until our agent told us that there was no show in manchester. we have a great show and a great time every time we come to your town to play and it pissed us off just as much as you that we're not playing there this time around. so please spread the word and give them hell if you have to return a ticket and ask them why they cancelled the bouncing souls/tsunami bomb show, because we want to know too! thank you and we're sorry we're not coming to your town---the pete

November 19th, 2003

As I write this, I'm just minutes from taking off for the airport. off we go again, this time to Europe. NO REST FOR THE WICKED! ! We had a nice little break after the U.S. tour and are ready to rock onward. Well, wish us luck and everyone have a nice month. See ya out there! yer pal, Bryan

November 10th, 2003

Hey everybody, Papillon here. We had a kickass U.S. tour, and now we're already packin for Europe. No rest for the wicked! Thanks to everybody who came out to the shows, we had a great time, Anchors Aweigh has brought a few more great songs to the live set, and the record seems to have nestled itself into broken hearts across the globe. While at hoome we've managed to visit the Hot Water Music family, at the Knitting Factory, Alkaline Trio bros at Roseland, had a party for our own Rob santello, recently graduated from culinary school, and this week we're shooting a video for "Sing Along Forever". Don't worry, still no Mtv for us! We would gladly join the revoluton against them with that Fuse channel though. Who knows? Well stsay tuned to find out, and check us out in the new issue of Alternative Press, it's a nice feature on us. it's our own tour journals from the road. Also check out the pictures from our halloween show in NJ! They're on www.epitaph.com Thanks again everybody, enjoy Anchors Aweigh, it's particularly good is cold weather! Till next time.. here's my parting words of wisdom: You can't change the PAST, but you can ruin a perfectly good PRESENT by worrying about the FUTURE!

October 21th, 2003

hello souls fans, friends, and well-wishers!

tommy rockum here, one of the guys responsible for "Do You Remember?: 15 Years of The Bouncing Souls." i'm writing today to invite you all to the documentary's NEW YORK PREMIERE!!!

"Do You Remember?" will be screening on friday, october 24th at 2pm at the kraine theatre, 85 e. 4th street, as part of the DIY festival @ CMJ. after the screening, there will be a q&a with myself and mr. ryan harlin (my accessory to the dvd-related crime). and after the q&a, we'll be celebrating the screening with a cocktail party at rudy's, 627 ninth ave. (between 44th and 45th), from 5 to 7pm.

tickets for the entire extravaganza (screening, q&a, and cocktail party) are a mere $6 (and they include admission to the CLUB DIY music showcase later that night with wayne kramer and julianna raye!), so gather some change from between the couch cushions, tell all your friends to do the same, and come party with us!

it's a small theatre, so if you want to order tickets in advance, call (323) 665-8080. and for more info, check out http://www.diyconvention.com/, http://www.emoriotproductions.com/ or http://www.bouncingsouls.com/

hope to see you all on the 24th!

tommy rockum

September 23th, 2003

hello everyone! so, we're on our way tonight to pittsburgh to start the Anchors Aweigh tour. thanks to everyone who showed up and to all the bands that played at the record release shows the past two weekends. they were truly amazing nights. really, we had a fuckin blast at all the shows and thanks for making all the nights awesome and for giving us a great start for the jouney we're about to go on. also...for everyone who was wondering if we were going to have a show in new jersey...we saved the best night for jersey...we're having a halloween party at the stone poney in asbury park! so start gettting your costumes together. we'll bring the candy...we also added an end of tour party at CBGB's on Nov 2nd. so, once again, for everyone in philly and NYC, thanks for two great weekends...and everyone else, we're on our way and we'll see ya out there soon!
later--- the pete

September 8th, 2003

Hi everyone! Well, Anchors Aweigh is out now and settling it's way into hearts across the world. As usual Souls are throwin curveballs, keepin 'em guessing. It a different record again just like they all are, Anchors Aweigh is deep, dark, and delicious. Take a look at what some people are saying about it already. it's like good chocolate (not Good Charlotte!) Once it's made it's way into your heart, you'll be saying "fuck you it's the best!" We'll be celebrating all year long across America on tour, starting this weekend in NYC. 2 shows at irving Plaza. Next weekend is Philly, the Electric Factory. Philly people! stick around after the show, we're all going to an afterparty next door, VISION is playing! (more info will be at the show) ALSO the next day there'll be a showing of the DVD, come watch it with us! (Sunday September 21, 1pm door.

The Rotunda. 4014 Walnut Street.The Low Budgets (ex Dead Milkmen/Town Managers) will go on around 1.30. DVD starts at 2pm.) NJ PEOPLE, You know we love Jersey! Trust us, we'll be there very soon! It may just be that we have something special up our sleeve that we're not allowed to announce just yet! One last thing: Hot Water Music are the funnest people in the world to tour with, we had the best time we can remember with those guys, and we'll be both trying to tour together in the future as much as possible. Well, I'll see ya all out there!
Bryan a.k.a. Papillon

August 21th, 2003

Hi everybody, We're gonna be hangin out, signing shit and playing gigs FOR FREE!! thats right, - buddy. check this link for where and when. See you there. somebody remember to bring me a soda.
Bryan a.k.a. Papillon

August 8th, 2003

Hi everybody, welcome to our site! Anchors Aweigh is almost out, FINALLY!, not only does it have 17 new songs, but you can put it in your computer and watch some stuff too. (It's an "enchanced" CD, ooh.. aah") SO tonight we're throwing a party on a boat, a couple hundred of our friends are coming aboard and we're cruising and boozing our way down to the statue of liberty and back, under the bklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge, and we're playing a set too. an open bar on the open seas, tonight will ROCK. Well, the rest of the bike trip was badass, Sturgis was 4 days of aprtying with great people, the whole thing went by like a blur, did dump the bike once, ate shit in the Badlands. Carving through those twisty little desert roads late at night drunk, nice one. But I did walk away in one piece, just a good helping of roadrash for me and the Nighttrain. My bike she ain't pretty but inside she's a fuckin ANIMAL. All said, I got pulled over speeding 5 times in three weeks, coulda been worse. I just paid all the tickets, now I'm broke, time to get back on tour where I'm less likely to hurt myself or lose my license. Karzyfest was fun, Dillinger4, Paint it Black, and the Explosion KICK ASS, we partied with them all night, not too much to do in Kentucky, at least not that we could find. we leave for Canada tuesday, then the record release shows back east.. Check the TOURDATES page, you can now buy tickets from here! See ya all out there somewhere! Bryan a.k.a. Papillon

July 24th, 2003

  HI everybody, it's Bryan, your favorite roving dirtass biker punk reporting from the road. Hope everyone's having a nice summer, I know I am. The hog and I are both still alive after about 4,000 (and counting) miles, a lot of thunderstorms and both of us almost dying of heat-stroke in the southwest. (Arizona felt like a pizza oven riding 100+ mph through 125-degree heatwave) But the Nigthtrain (my bike) and I have never been happier (or dirtier).
  I started the trip with a 1,000-mile blast out to Shady Jack's Saloon in Missouri, home of friends, shade, beer, and a place to pitch my tent in exchange for work. Rode a storm from western PA all the way to Missouri. After a couple days visit, I followed Rt. 66, west towards LA. Made good time, cruising at average of 100-120 mph wherever possible. A lot of room out there to breathe, and my bike is a fucking animal. I was making good time and wanted to make it one of my favorite towns, Tucumcari New Mexico. Did about 800 miles into an amazing sunset, complete with an intense lightening show on the distant wide horizon. I was taken by it's beauty, but in the back of my head I knew I was heading right into it, wearing nothing but jeans, boots and a wifebeater. I knew I was in for a soaking but was having too much fun to stop. Well before I knew it, darkness and heavy rain was all over me. Rain is kinda gnarly at high speeds in your face but I think of it as some kind of training. Deathwish? Stupidity? Whatever, can't stop running long enough to put a label on it. Who the fuck cares anyway. Well this storm was getting pretty hairy, everything really IS bigger in Texas, including the thunderstorms. I'd never seen that much lightening in my life, and with that much sky it's something we can't even dream of in New York City. I had about 200 miles to Tucumcari, and was still gunning for it. That's when my headlight blew out.
  Now, it's me, the storm and total blackness.. No place to stop, and no point, gotta get somewhere, but where, how far till somewhere? So on I go, leaning over the bars squinting, just barley able to see the lines on the road as a guide. I remember thinking at that moment how it was funny that I was praying for even MORE lightening, as this was my only source of light. Every lightening flash gave me a snapshot of the area and the road. I was probably moving at only 50 or 60 mph at this point for what seemed like an eternity. Finally a truck came along and I kept up with him, riding in his blindspot to share a little of his headlights, I had to keep up at 70 mph sitting in his spray, I'm pretty sure he never saw me. Finally about 30 or so miles later I reach some town called Groom TX. I figure a cheap room, place to dry my shit, a hot shower, a sixpack and some TV. Treat myself!
  Well there's a good storm story for ya, not the only one on this trip so far. Hey it washes the bugs off the bike. (and me)
  Rolled on to Tucumcari the next day and had a great time. Ran into some big biker throwdown at the Trail's End. A couple outlaw crews (no names here) were throwing a party and barbeque and I was invited I decided to stay there with them for the night, got drunk and made a bunch of great new friends. (But that's a whole different story for another time perhaps) I went on to LA through that furnace of a heatwave. In LA I stayed with the Gregger, visited Epitaph, the Lucky 13 bros, Varla magazine, and my down-and-dirty bruthahs from Wanted Dead down in San Diego. Thanks everyone for the hospitality. Blasted out to Vegas and gambled most of a night and broke even. (hey, it's better than losing) Next day I spent mostly in Utah, Zion park was beautiful. I'm now at Margie's house in Salt Lake City (She books our tours) and that's the condensed version of my trip so far. Tomorrow I'll ride north through Idaho, South Dakota (another favorite state) to Strugis, the Black Hills, etc, then eastward to somewhere new. Thanks Bob Dillon, Johnny Cash, and Hot Water Music, and our own "Anchors Aweigh" for the soundtrack to the ride so far. I'll try to write again if I get the chance. See ya all out there- Papillon

July 7th, 2003

Hi everyone, Bryan a.k.a. Papillon from the Souls here. Thanks for stopping by the site.. so what do you think about the whole new look? Speaking of which.. I want to officially welcome Ernie, (hardcore hero of Token Entry NYC fame, as well as Black Train Jack, Grey Area, and The Arsons fame) as our new webmaster. Don't worry, we still love Josh and he's still around, the e-man is just in a better situation to handle the gig these days. So let's have a drink to both of 'em!

As for me, well it seems I made it through this winter even though it did its best to kill me. (I'll spare ya the gory details) Thank you music once again! Well we cranked out a kickass new record, "Anchors Aweigh" (coming out soon) and I cranked out some kickass artwork to go with it. Having finished all the work involved we are taking a little hiatus, a few weeks of nothingness. i am taking off once again, tomorrow morning on another cross-country adventure on my big two-wheeler. (Thank you, people who make Harley Davidsons!) I'll drop a line from the middle of nowhere (my favorite place these days) and maybe send in a picture or two. Well, everyone have a nice July!


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